Anger Management Therapy – Montreal (Saint-Laurent)

When is anger a problem?

Anger is a basic human emotion. It is natural and normal to experience feeling angry from time to time. However, when anger is managed poorly, it can result in a person acting aggressively or inappropriately to some situations. In this case, anger can become destructive to personal relationships and even harmful to the body by increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Additionally, when a person refrains completely from expressing anger, it can lead to mental health problems such as depression or anxiety.

What can I do about it?

If you find that you are frequently angry, often critical of others, acting defensively, having outbursts or rages, or otherwise experiencing difficulty with expressing your anger in appropriate ways, effective tools are available to help you better understand the root cause of your anger and to manage it in adaptive ways. You can schedule an appointment with a Montreal Psychologist or a Montreal Therapist to develop healthier anger management skills.

How can therapy for anger management help?

Whether you have trouble inhibiting your anger or difficulty expressing it at all, speaking to a psychologist can help you better understand your emotions and your reactions. The psychologist will explore with you the types of situations that trigger your anger and the typical responses you have under those circumstances. The goals of therapy for anger management will be specific to each individual. However, in general, the objective is to learn how to better understand your anger and discover how to use the emotion in more appropriate and constructive ways.


This website offers a number of helpful tools and worksheets that can help facilitate change and promote well-being. You are welcome to download the following PDF document(s) or download ADOBE here  to download the desired file. These tools are most helpful as an adjunct to therapy. Mood Diary Anger Thought Record

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