Psychological and relationship problems are common to everyday life.  As a Montreal psychologist, I have noticed that at some point, many people experience difficulties, which might benefit from professional help. As a psychologist based in Montreal and South Shore, I can help with these problems. Many may feel hesitant because of fears and stigma around mental health problems. Visiting a psychologist does not mean you are weak or a failure; in fact, it takes courage and strength to recognize that you may need help from an outside source. This is the first step to overcoming your problems and fears. Research evidence shows that psychological therapies are effective, and can help you change your situation for the better, rather than just soldiering on with the same issues. As your therapist, I work to offer evidence-based treatments that are collaborative. I believe it is important to respect and nurture individuals and couples, and strive to tailor your treatment according to your needs and circumstances.