This section is dedicated to topics that touch various aspects of psychology and that is related to my areas of research. Each page will consist of two elements: The scientifically reviewed journal article and a summary of the research that is available in a downlodable format (pdf).

1. Ever wonder at what age infants begin to understand the complexity of other people’s minds? Ìf you think that babies are smater than they look and wonder at what age they begin to understand that other people have minds that are different from their own, then read more in the following article about infants’ understanding of other people’s perceptions.

2. Previous research showed that infants demonstrate some understanding of other people`s mental states, which include perception and desires. Recent research focuses more on infants understanding of the complexity of other people’s minds. In particular, one of my studies looked at how infants’ trust in what the person sees can influence their judgment about what the person ‘knows’. You can read more about how the reliability of the ‘looker’ influences infants attribution of knowledge to this person.