Loss and Bereavement Treatment – Montreal (Saint-Laurent)

What is Bereavement?

Bereavement is the grief we experience when we lose someone or something that was important in our life, such as a loved one, a relationship, a pet, a job or a role we played for example. Loss is an unfortunate part of life and grieving for that loss can leave a person feeling numb, shocked, sad, angry or guilty. While all these emotions are normal, they can be extremely difficult to cope with. Sometimes when grief is left unprocessed it can lead to long-term problems such as depression or other mental health issues.

What can I do?

No matter what type of loss you are experiencing, a Montreal Psychologist or a Montreal Therapist can offer you the support you need through grief counselling or therapy for loss and bereavement. Contact Dr. Chow to schedule an appointment so that you may begin to receive the help you need to process the changes in your life.

How will therapy or counselling help?

The progression of dealing with grief or loss is a different experience for each person, even if many of the emotions are the same. There is no pre-determined amount of time that it will take to heal from a loss. A psychologist or therapist can help you process the intense emotions that may be associated with your experience and can help you to develop ways to better cope with the pain and adjust to any changes while you work toward accepting the loss. Support can be offered on a short-term or long-term basis depending on your individual level of need.


This website offers a number of helpful tools and worksheets that can help facilitate change and promote well-being. You are welcome to download the following PDF document(s) or download ADOBE here  to download the desired file. These tools are most helpful as an adjunct to therapy. Loss and Bereavement Handout

Recommended Books

Grief Is a Journey: Finding Your Path Through Loss