Couple and Relationship Therapy – Montreal (Saint-Laurent)

Conflict and disagreement are natural components of any relationship. However, when difficulties are not dealt with appropriately, or not at all, they can become maladaptive patterns that create larger problems and even threaten the stability of the relationship. Couples often wait too long before seeking help through marriage counselling, marital therapy or relationship therapy. Asking for help with problems that are so personal and intimate in nature can be challenging. The details of our personal relationships are private and it can be difficult to admit to another person that you need help, but there are ways to improve the relationship through therapy.

How can therapy help?

Dr. Chow provides a confidential, compassionate, and non-judgemental space where couples will be guided in exploring their problems, emotions and thoughts in order to better understand themselves and their partner and/or significant others. She will help the couple to develop better communication skills and conflict resolution skills to strengthen the relationship bonds and emotional connectedness. Individuals and couples of all genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, ethnicities and religions are respected and welcomed. Dr. Chow will work with individuals and couples to:

  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Strengthen or restore intimacy
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Overcome issues of trust
  • Manage individual differences
  • Work on any other problems identified by the individual or couple

What about non-romantic relationships?

Relationship therapy is not limited to issues experienced by those in a romantic or marital relationship. Many of our daily relationships are also affected by our inter-personal and problem-solving skills. Difficulties experienced with co-workers, family members and friends can also be addressed with the use of therapy.

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